Wednesday, 15 October 2014


When it comes to style, I’m a bit temperamental. Every kind of mood – from jeans-and-t-shirt days to classic and elegant days to hipster chic days – happens. For style preferences, I generally flicker between minimalist chic and boho funkiness, so consider yourself warned; this here’s going to be a mighty eclectic post.

The best fashion show is on the street – always has been and always will be.” – Bill Cunningham, streetstyle photographer extraordinaire for the New York Times.


The editor-in-chief of VOGUE Paris, Emmanuelle Alt dresses like every inch the "handsome French woman" she is (in Karl Lagerfeld's words at least). If there was a ever way to embody pure Parisian chic and perfect the art of the androgynous minimalist wardrobe, this woman has nailed it.

Her look is a clean, no-nonsense thing with little to no visible effort put into hair and makeup and only the rarest sighting of a skirt. Moto jackets, cropped skinny jeans, slouchy t-shirts, structured coats, Balmain blazers, gorgeous, towering heels and the occasional bracelet or cuff  that's all that goes into the woman's wardrobe, and yet she is one of the most chic fashion icons in the world. If only we could all look like that after forty-five. Wow.


There is no shortage of celebrities dressed to the nines in designer garb being papped everywhere from streets to supermarkets. Miranda Kerr is one of the few, however, who almost always manage to look like they are stepping of the pages of a glossy magazine instead of hopping off a plane after an eight-hour flight

The girl looks flawless in candids – a veritable life skill – and manages to look impeccable whether she's making an appearance or going shopping with her adorable son Flynn. The model's laid-back street style wins major sartorial brownie points from observers around the world, especially because not only does she seem to have broken the off-duty model standard ensemble (moto jacket, slouchy top and skinny jeans or short shorts), she does it effortlessly. With a liberal blend of high-end designer pieces blended with high-street options like this Topshop dress with Isabelle Marant booties, her style is pretty, polished and never boring.

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